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Next Up: Let Meeeeeeeee Entertain You…

For the first BathCamp of 2016 (and the first for almost a year) we’re going for something fun, with an evening devoted to the technology of entertainment.

  • Phil Atkin will be showing us how he simulates classic synthesisers with the Raspberry Pi
  • Neil Ford has recently been teaching the staff at the Blackgang Chine tourist attraction on the Isle of White how to hack their robotic dinosaurs with more Raspberry Pis and the Node Red programming environment. He’ll be demonstrating what’s possible with a couple of smaller robots, including a small dinosaur.
  • Ruth John is a technologist at a mobile phone company where she gets to play with new technology and work out what’s useful. For her talk she’ll be demoing an old and very misunderstood technology, the MIDI protocol. She’ll be showing us how it can be used for so much more than you think, and explaining how it can now be used in the browser with the Web MIDI API.

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