19 days (ish)

I make it 19 days until BathCamp 2009. Our Basecamp site seems to think it is 17. Let’s call it three weeks.

Either way, things are hotting up, bigtime. Since the last blog post, we’ve re-launched the BathCamp website with a lovely new look and feel courtesy of the fabulous Laura Kalbag. If you need great web work done by a lovely person, ask Laura..!

We’re also delighted to announce two new sponsors: the awesome Headscape (remember Paul Boag’s talk back at the first BathCamp evening event?) and BluBolt, a Bath-based e-commerce specialist. Thank loads to them. I can’t stress enough how important sponsors are to an event like this. It simply wouldn’t happen without them..


We’ve now nailed the marquee hire, and for any of you who might still be harbouring a residual fear of camping, take a look at the picture above to see the kind of thing you can expect. No messing about here – ours will be a 9m x 9m beauty capable of seating 75 people and will be kitted out with heating, lights, furniture and a carpet. I can hear the hard-core campers already: “Camping? That isn’t Camping! Kids these days….”

The marquee will be the main gathering point for food, movie and band as well as one of the locations for talks. A kind of BathCamp basecamp…

Tickets have been shifting at a rate of knots – numbers are looking pretty impressive already, but the more the merrier. If you haven’t got your ticket already, head over to http://bathcamp09.eventbrite.com/ and get yours now!