83 days to go

It’s Saturday, and apparently (according to the Eventbrite booking page), 83 days until BathCamp 2008.

It’d be nice if the fact that it’s Saturday meant that I’ve got a huge amount of time to write this, but unfortunately I have a 10 month old child hanging onto my leg / working his way round the room breaking stuff/bumping into things/eating various small items/etc., so this is going to be a brief one. [As if to demonstrate, said child barfs on my foot…oof]

Obviously as we’ve all got day jobs, conferences and mashup days to organise, communication about BathCamp is always going to be slightly sporadic, for which apologies. But here’s a couple of bits of news..

  • Eduserv has very generously agreed to pick up the cost of the venue. I’m very excited about the space we’ve got and how central it is, so huge thanks to them.
  • Cardiff based tech firm Box UK and Bath based Pluggable have also been in touch and agreed to donate £250 each – again, cheers guys. Now we can eat and drink 🙂
  • I’ve got 5 Flickr Pro vouchers to give away from my lovely friend George Oates – thanks George! I dunno who to give them to yet…any ideas for a competition, stick it in the comments..!
  • Someone I know at Moo has agreed to give us some schwag, too (as yet unspecified, but you know Moo, it’ll be nice..) Ta, Moo!

If you are someone who’d like to sponsor BathCamp (or know someone else), please get in touch at sponsors@bathcamp.org. We’d love to hear from you.

We had about 30 people signing up through Eventbrite in the first week that bookings were available, which is an incredible response – thanks to those of you who have booked. If you’re one of the 60 or so who signed up to the mailing list and haven’t yet booked, go do it now. Places are starting to go very quickly and I’ve got a suspicion that things are only going to get faster.