Bathcamp 2008

Holy smokes. I just realised that in a smidgen over a week I’ll be sitting in a room listening to a bunch of people talking about interesting stuff.

The “what I’m gonna talk about” list has been growing. From herbs to “The Gurgitator” to archaeological computing to learning Chinese, this is shaping up to be a fantastically diverse and interesting weekend.

We’re close enough to BathCamp now that I can almost smell the excitement. Or is that the smell of 70-something people bedding down in a church hall..?

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking to some immensely ace people who have agreed to sponsor the event. It is these guys who will be paying for the venue, the beer, the sandwiches, the pizza, the tshirts, the cake, the coffee and the pop.

Massive, huge thanks to each and every one of them. Big, comedy hands, high-fives and some whooping, please. Even better, buy them a drink at the event :-). Without them, none of this…

Here’s who they are:

  • Eduserv “A not for profit, professional IT services group”
  • Gradwell “Enabling the internet that you don’t see”
  • Siftware “Helping deliver the technical aspects of web projects”
  • Box UK “An award-winning UK web software company”
  • Pluggable “Web development and consultancy”
  • Carsonified “Creativity with integrity”
  • PixeLabs “Web developer, user experience designer and lover of the internets..”
  • Rattle “We do social innovation on the web”
  • Insitute of Physics “Devoted to increasing the understanding and application of physics”

We’ve also had some stirling support from Microsoft, WordPress and Flickr.

Thanks all. It is hugely appreciated. đŸ™‚