BathCamp evening meetup #1 – Paul Boag and Ryan Carson

It’s the first BathCamp evening meetup…an informal gathering of interesting people talking about interesting things…

22/01/09…Breaking news…

Ryan Carson from world-renowned digital agency Carsonified will be talking at BathCamp event #1! Topic to be announced shortly…

BathCamp speaker Paul Boag announced!

Renowned web designer, consultant and podcaster Paul Boag has confirmed that he’ll be talking and taking questions at BathCamp evening event #1.

Paul is founder of design agency Headscape, publishes a disgustingly successful podcast and has recently authored a book entitled The Website Owners Manual. Paul has presented recently at FOWD, FOWA and SXSW.


We had a really excellent first BathCamp evening on Wednesday (4th Feb) hearing great talks by Ryan Carson and Paul Boag. The turnout was huge: I’d said 30 to the venue, but I reckon we were 50? Maybe more?

Either way, thank you everyone for coming and big hands to Ryan and Paul.

One thing that I was amazed at was the distance some people had come – one lady from Exeter, someone from Winchester, another from Fleet. Given the weather, I’m also glad (following bathcamp-mentioning tweets) that you all seemed to get home ok, too.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s the footage. Paul has also written a couple of posts on his talk, and embedded slides. Start here and you’ll pick up the story of the People With No Sense Of Humour 😉