BathCamp evening meetup #3 – Mobile

Chris Book is the owner of Mobilize Consulting, and – to quote his own words “has only ever worked in mobile”. His past companies include Orange, a software company selling solutions to mobile operators and media companies and the UK’s biggest aggregator. He is also organising the openMIC unconference on the 2nd April 09. He’ll talk on “The Mobile Ecosystem: A quick swing through the mobile jungle – Services, Technology, Business Models, Payments.”

Giles Turnbull is “a freelance journalist who has spent far too much time writing about Macs and iPhones in recent years.” He’ll do a talk on “10 (or so) iPhone apps you ABSOLUTELY MUST OWN. Maybe.”

Dan Zambonini is the Technical Director of Box UK. He is the architect of the Amaxus Content Management System, conceived clickdensity, has participated in industry-shaping think tanks, and has had articles featured in international websites and magazines. His talk is “Designing for the mobile web: A case study”

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