BathCamp – the barcamp 2009

We’re delighted to announce the second BathCamp barcamp! Not to be confused with the similarly-named BathCamp evening events, this one is the all-weekend barcamp; a 24-hour+ long series of talks, cud-chewing, beer, pizza…and other things…

A bike. On a stick.BathCamp 2009 will be held on the weekend of 26th/27th September 2009. Pencil the Friday night in, too, just in case we need to drink beer 🙂

This year we’re doing it slightly differently. BathCamp 2009 will be:

– held at The Bell Inn, Buckland Dinham, a truly lovely country pub with media barn, wifi and camping space
– al fresco. That’s outdoors for you people that don’t talk the lingo. So we’re talking tents, marquees, that kind of thing.
– an extended weekend, with the main talks all day Saturday and other fun stuff (think band, cider, fires, bbq, etc) around the edges

As usual, the organisation is heading along just a smidgen behind the actual idea/date itself. So yes, there will be a booking page; yes there might be a (small) cost, yes it will be first-come, first-served (hence why I’ve turned off RSVP on here..); and yes (you know who you are), we’ll be looking for sponsorship, help, free stuff, etc…but for now just get it in your diary.