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  • 30th Sep 2010

    What do you want to talk about?

    We’re heading stupidly fast towards the end of 2010. The winter is closing in, the […]

  • 20th Jul 2010


    Here’s a question for you: Do we want a Bathcampey place where we can discuss […]

  • 2nd Jul 2009

    BathCamp – the barcamp 2009

    We’re delighted to announce the second BathCamp barcamp! Not to be confused with the similarly-named […]

  • 25th Jan 2009

    Paul Boag and Ryan Carson

    4th February….evening event….Boag and Carson…. RSVP and more details over here

  • 20th Aug 2008

    All gone…

    You probably noticed already, what with mailings, tweetings, that thing normal people call “talking to […]

  • 19th Aug 2008

    Five Questions For… Simon Plenderleith

    What do you do in your day job? I’m a freelance web developer, running my […]

  • 4th Aug 2008

    BathCamp Carsharing

    Alistair MacDonald dropped us a line with a simple idea: “As a complete experiment I […]

  • 31st Jul 2008

    Five questions for… Darren Beale

    What do you do in your day job? I’ve been getting paid to build websites […]

  • 21st Jun 2008

    83 days to go

    It’s Saturday, and apparently (according to the Eventbrite booking page), 83 days until BathCamp 2008. […]