Date and venue announced!

Tim B and I have been along to the venue and have now booked it. Subject to the usual stuff – earthquakes, venue falling down, total global economic meltdown (imagine… *cough*), we will be hosting the event on Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th September 2008 (24 hours from early Saturday morning to early Sunday morning – yes, we can stay at the venue – bring sleeping bags…) at the Invention Studios in Bath. More links at the end of this post.

It’s a lovely venue, slap in the middle of the city – near to the train and bus stations, pubs, coffee and pasty shops (vital). Upstairs there is a big church hall, downstairs a second room, kitchen, toilets etc.

Very shortly we’ll be putting together an EventWax page to grab attendees – for now if you’re interested in coming along, please fill in the form at if you haven’t already.

Looking forward very much to seeing you there…