Evening meetups are go

For those of you that have missed the emails / tweets, I’m putting together a regular evening event for anyone from Bath / Bristol / nearby. I’ve given it the “BathCamp” label but if you didn’t come to BathCamp or don’t know what BathCamp is, don’t let this put you off. Basically, if you’re into webby stuff and want to hear from / meet other interesting people then these are for you.

The evenings will be on the first Wednesday of each month – the first one is on Wednesday 4th February 2009. Speakers for this one will be announced shortly. 

The second meetup has also now been booked – the awesome Ben Tomlinson from London firm Ico Design will be giving an introduction to hardware hacking and the Arduino. Expect some circuit-bending fun 🙂

As for venue – we’re going to try Revolution Bath (the lounge, upstairs) as a venue and see how it goes. They have a private space with sofas, wifi and a projector which sounds great, but it’s a suck it and see moment. If you have alternative suggestions for a venue in the Bath area, let me know in the comments. Cheap / free is a good start…

For now I’m not going to create a sign-up page on EventBrite for these events – if you’re interested, please just register on the BathCamp Ning site and flag yourself as “attending” on the relevant event page. Again, we’ll see how this works and fiddle with it if it doesn’t.

If you’re interested in talking I’d love to hear from you. There’s a thread on the BathCamp forum for this, or you can email me or chuck a comment on this post. Whatever works for you.

Look forward to seeing you soon!