Accessibility night


BathCamp #23

1st June 2011, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

Kiran Kaja (@KiranKaja12)  – Adobe

Kiran will give an overview of the current state of PDF and Flash accessibility. He’ll explain why properly tagged PDFs offer great experiences to people who use access technologies, and look at creating rich multimedia applications in Flash with all the required accessibility features.

Amy Lowe – Ocean Blue Software

Amy will give an insight into the world’s first talking set top box for blind and partially sighted people, developed by Ocean Blue Software. She’ll discuss the advanced Text To Speech (TTS) engine for digital set top boxes that was developed with close involvement from the RNIB, and explain why this technology is likely to become a standard feature for all set top boxes around the world in the coming years.

Léonie Watson (@LeonieWatson)  – Nomensa

Léonie will introduce a cast of popular screen readers and explain how they work with the web. She’ll explain why web standards are so important to screen readers, and look at the impact of emerging technologies such as ARIA and HTML5.

RSVP on Lanyrd, or…just turn up!