All About The Content


BathCamp #31

2nd May 2012, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

Curated by Lisa Price

Like UX a few years ago, Content Strategy seems to be having its day, which is great news for those of us who’ve always cared about the content.

But content’s a messy beast – and still often the last thing on the ‘launch new site’ checklist (11th hour copy edits and uploads anyone?).

Content Strategy aims to take a firm hold of the “substance, structure, workflow and governance of content”*, helping you build more user-focused, effective and and effective web presences for your organisation.

We’re excited to bring three brilliant content strategists to the next BathCamp:

Relly Annett-Baker: Why you should care about content strategy

Relly is a writer, content strategist, and founder of Supernice Studio with Paul Annett. In 2011 she ‘did’ content strategy for clients such as the Cabinet Office and CERN. She likes geeks, mojitos, and video games, especially in combination. Relly has spoken and written widely about Content Strategy. We’re delighted to welcome her to Bath!

Tim Tucker: Content strategy and storytelling 

Tim is a user experience and digital content consultant based in Bristol. He works as training consultant for the APA, the trade organisation that supports customer publishers throughout the UK. He’s also worked with the Telegraph Media Group, IPC Media, The National Trust, BBC Magazines and Future Publishing. Tim also provides online marketing.

Richard Prowse: Big organisation = poor content? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Richard is Web Content Manager at the University of Bath, where he manages a team of editors and a site with over a quarter of a million pages! A former front end developer and project manager, Richard now focusses on content strategy, providing guidance on web content management across the institution.

As always – tell us on Lanyrd that you’re coming, or just turn up…