Arduino and Current Cost…


BathCamp #2

4th March 2009, 8:00 PM

Revolution Bar

It’s the second BathCamp evening meetup…an informal gathering of interesting people talking about interesting things…

For the second BathCamp evening session, we’re going circuit-bending tastic…

Ben Tomlinson, Creative Director of London agency Ico Design is our guest speaker for the evening. He’ll be demonstrating some of the stuff you can do with the amazing Arduino platform. This’ll be an interactive session where you’ll get a chance to see and fiddle with some electronics as well as pick Ben’s brains on how to get started.

Ico produce lovely installationswebsites and other digital media pieces (not to mention a fair bit of print, too). Ben hacks his way through anything he can get his hands on (I’ve seen his house..) and will be helping to run a toy hacking workshop for at the end of January.

** Update – 24th Feb – We’re delighted to announce that Dale Lane will also be speaking about the cool stuff he’s done hacking around with the Current Cost home energy monitor… **