AV Night


BathCamp #13

2nd June 2010, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

Curated by Stefan Goodchild

We take for granted – are even swamped by – the media we see and hear everyday, but what does the creative process look like from the inside?

Cymatics & Audio Visualisation (Stefan Goodchild)

A brief history and overview of the different techniques you can use to visualize audio with examples from the recent Peter Gabriel New Blood tour.

Raygun (Neil Cocker)

The story of how a group of slightly over-educated students started Wales’ most successful indie dance music label…

Digital Voices (Richard Sewell)

“The Digital Voices project looked at ways for computers to communicate with sound in ways which were also aesthetically pleasing. My interest is to apply that work to get communication with Arduino-scale systems, so that (for example) we can tell what our robots are thinking by using our phones as interpreters.”