BathCamp #7

21st July 2009, 7:00 PM

The Assembly Inn

What’s the one technology that has blown you away more than any other in the last year, and why?

You have three minutes or less to tell us about your chosen technology: why it has changed your life, the way you work or ways in which it has improved the world.

Speakers so far…
(volunteer by emailing mike DOT ellis AT gmail DOT com)

Hopefully…the panelists! (and no, they can’t win the prize…)
Dan Zambonini
Julian Cheal
Steve Pope
Lisa Price
Brian Kelly
Chris Book
Mike Ellis
Tim Beadle
Laura Francis
Giles Turnbull
…plus some Carsonified Summer Camp attendees…

The talks will be voted on by a panel comprising Ryan CarsonSam Machin and Amy Mahon, with the following prizes for the winners:

1st Prize – Two tickets to FOWD Tour Bristol plus a £25 iTunes voucher
2nd Prize – One ticket to FOWD Tour Bristol

The panel will be looking for:

1) extreme levels of enthusiasm
2) originality of suggestion
3) the merit of the suggestion itself: how much real world penetration, profit (financial or social) or benefit the technology brings

Carsonified have kindly said they’ll put £100 behind the bar as well as providing the prizes. Yay!