Christmas Spectacular


BathCamp #28

7th December 2011, 7:30 PM

Chapel Arts Centre

It’s Christmas. Well, almost anyway.

Instead of having our usual BathCamp monthly gathering, we’re going to get together in our spiritual home at Chapel Arts and eat, quiz, drink, compare geekery and generally be merry.

There will be:

  • One of our famous quizzes with A PRIZE (yet to be determined, and almost entirely dependent on a generous sponsor * cough * if you know one…)
  • Flat food otherwise known as pizza
  • A “bring your technology” show and tell moment. Bring along your old consoles, computers, games… and wow and impress your fellow geekoids with how old and shit things used to be
  • A general all-round feeling of comraderie, increased Zen and bonhomie
  • A bar


Tickets will be a MERE £5 a head, for which you get pizza, quiz and an evening of joy, geekiness and other nonsense.

It is pay on the door – tickets are now officially sold out, but if you don’t mind having slightly less pizza then please feel free to just turn up…

This event is sponsored by the amazing and beautiful people at:

Storm Consultancy Meanbee Riot
Gradwell Bardowl Epimorphics