Devops night: Deploy all the things!


BathCamp #34

5th September 2012, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

BathCamp returns from a Summer siesta to talk developer operations (devops) about how we can bridge the gap between building systems and how we run them once in production:

Real world asset pipelines for web app happiness
Tim Beadle takes us through the current deployment setup at LoveHoney, including their frontend asset pipeline, continuous integration and the future pipeline.

Puppet & MCollective: Push button; deploy code
Matthew Carroll of Future’s ops team talks about Puppet and MCollective for managing both in life and new web systems.

Deployment is hard; let’s go shopping
Elliot Kember shows us his love for PAAS du jour Heroku and how best to bend / use it to your needs. May involve rum.

Curated by Dan Hilton

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Beers are sponsored by those awesome chaps at RiotHQ!

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