Digital Security & Identity


BathCamp #47

4th February 2015, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

BathCamp returns for 2015 on Wednesday Feb 4th at the Innovation Centre with talks starting at 8pm. This month we’re looking at some of the up and coming technologies around your identity and security on the web with talks by two companies with local links.

William Heath, chairman of Mydex, will be talking about MyDex, a social enterprise digital identity provider, which is engaging with as an identity provider which isn’t a large credit referencing agency.

Mydex provides the individual with a hyper-secure storage area to enable them to manage their personal data, including text, numbers, images, video, certificates and sound. No-one but the individual can access or see the data.

And PixelPin, a revolutionary new way to sign in to apps and websites using a picture instead of a password. A picture is secure, usable and easier to remember than a password. PixelPin has won numerous awards and funding from the Technology Strategy board around it’s application of touch points on a picture as an authentication factor.