Electronica night


BathCamp #40

1st May 2013, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

This time out – it’s Electronica night, with the following lined up to speak:

John ffitch:

“Csound, structure and use, and the new release”

John ffitch will tell us about Csound – a programming language for sound, which he is the project lead on.

John ffitch is a computer scientist, mathematician and composer who is currently Chair of Software Engineering at Bath. Ffitch has worked with relativity, planetary astronomy, computer algebra and Lisp. He won the Adams Prize for Mathematics in 1975 for a joint essay with David Barton entitled “Applications of algebraic manipulative systems to physics”.



Oliver Owen:

“Pure Data, Indeterminacy and Computer As Musician”

Oliver Owen will talk about using Pure Data to design systems for music generation, and how indeterminacy and ‘random’ might also be embraced for the creation of music.

Oliver Owen came to Bath three years ago to study Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University. During this time he found that the visual programming environment Pure Data was ideally suited to producing the types of sound works he was striving for.

He has explored sound design for theatre and for film, and last year created a responsive audio-visual installation using Pure Data and Gem. He has performed live as part of a free improv’ ensemble, and continues to spread ‘noise’ with local new-wave/garage punk group The Conservatoire.



Martin Dupras:

“Synthesis and Processing Techniques”

In his own words – “Martin will survey synthesis and processing techniques, both classic and more esoteric.”

Martin plays bass guitar in a number of live bands as well as live guitar+electronics improvisation. He programmes a lot using PureData (PD.)

Martin teaches Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University. Originally from Montréal, Canada (one of the centres of electronic music) he now lives in Bristol.


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