Faster, cheaper, better!


BathCamp #18

8th December 2010, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

With the austerity surrounding us, what tools, technologies and ways of working can we deploy to help us develop websites and web applications?

Dan Hilton curates…

Ben Lumley: Automating deployment with Puppet

Ben will be talking about automating server installs using the ruby tool Puppet and introducing some real world examples of how this allows you to develop faster.

Elliott Kember: HTML5 / CSS3 / JS  – a world of new possibilities

Elliott will be talking about what the fast upcoming new standards can be used to help build webpages.

Dan Hilton: Tools for cheaper web development

Dan will be talking about some tools and processes to cut down the cost of development and how we can do more for less.

** If you want to come along, just turn up.. **