BathCamp #12

12th May 2010, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

Curated by Chris Book

We are all overwhelmed with stuff.

Email, tweets, phone calls, bills, posts.

We all want to be able to get more stuff done and have time for all the fun stuff and enjoyable work.

At BathCamp #12 we’ll investigate the current state of Getting Things Done, Personal Productivity methodologies and tools.

First up we will have a talk from Graham Allcott of Think Productive who will tell us about the personal productivity process he advocates.

Then we will have an open discussion about peoples successes and challenges with GTD and other methods of controlling too many Tasks and To-Do’s. Discussion of inbox zero is bound to be raised.

After a break we will come back with a panel session to discuss tools for productivity e.g. Omnifocus, Outlook, Things, Remember the Milk, Moleskin books, 3 x 5? Cards etc

We will finish off with an open discussion about tools and experience of using certain tools.

This session will be more of a conversation and learning how we might all be more productive by sharing our experiences of tools and processes like GTD.