Health for nerds


BathCamp #35

4th October 2012, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

Douglas Coupland coined the phrase “flat food” in his seminal novel Microserfs – pizza, namely, or anything that could be slipped under a locked door into a developers’ darkened lair. Hackneyed though this image might be, the geek way often tends to a fairly unhealthy existence which involves sitting and staring at a screen for endless hours and – well – not much else.

Given that we’re not about to give it all up and become tree surgeons, athletes or mountaineers, what can we do to make what we do a little bit healthier – and, just maybe, also help ourselves be more effective as well?

We’ve got three confirmed speakers at this months’ BathCamp:

Dr Graham Matthews from Wellness Works who will give us an overview of what it means to be “well” – covering all the contributing factors from mental state, positivity, diet, exercise, posture, etc.

Laura Kalbag will talk about her experiences staying healthy in the face of a hectic freelance life – she’ll talk about her regime as well as giving a detailed overview of the Fitbit.

Paul Leader, a life-long insomniac and nerd, will talk about sleep – the science of how it works, what happens when it doesn’t, and what you can do to improve yours.

Curated by Felix Renicks

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