Internet of Things Night


BathCamp #43

5th February 2014, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

The February BathCamp is looking at the Internet of Things (or IoT). While there has been lots of talk about your fridge order refilling itself one day, there are already a whole load of companies working out how to get devices connected to the internet in order to make life easier, reduce costs, alert you of potential issues and much more.

We’re back at the Innovation centre this time and start at 8pm.

On February 5th we have four speakers from local companies who are making a dent in the IoT space…

Rik Temmink

Rik is the VP of Product Marketing at enModus ( who have recently raised a second 7 figure investment to get their unique Wattwave products to market. Rik will give his view on the IoT world and show off the latest energy monitoring and appliance controls. Rocketmakers ( have built the scalable infrastructure for enModus and will be on-hand to discuss the technical details.

Jason Clark

Jason is Design Director of SafetyNet Secure who are designing and building a unique battery operated video cameras and security software. Jason will talk about the design process and pitfalls of getting an IoT device to market.

Simon Shearston

Simon is Managing Partner at Ramas Tong who are in the early stages of building a general use personal network device which has the opportunity to change the way many businesses operate. Simon will show his incredible teapot demo and talk through the endless possibilities of IoT for business and consumers.

James Savage

James is Director at Simpalarm who produce a unique activity monitoring device which fits onto plugs in the home and provides panic alarm and remote monitoring features. James will be sharing his wealth of experience in bringing a new IoT device to market.