Linked Data, AIR, UX


BathCamp #6

1st July 2009, 8:00 PM

The Assembly Inn

Leigh Dodds – Linked Data

Leigh is a semantic web geek, previously CTO at Ingenta and now works for Talis as a Programme Manager for the Talis Platform.

Leigh’s talk will be an introduction to the concept of “Linked Data” and some of the key ideas that underpin the Semantic Web. The talk will introduce some of the technology upon which the Semantic Web is being built, review why its taken so long for the idea to take off, and provide some advice on how to begin publishing Linked Data.

James Whittaker – Adobe AIR

James runs AIR showcase site RefreshingApps and has over 10 years experience working with Adobe technologies. He has previously delivered sessions at Adobe Max Europe, Flash Camp and Adobe User Groups.

James will be giving an introductory talk on Adobe AIR: what it is, how can you develop for it and a look at some cool apps built on the platform.

Joe Leech

Joe Leech (usability guru at CX partners) has just confirmed that he’ll be talking at BathCamp 6. His talk is titled: “A brief history of user experience”

Joe has a huge amount of experience working on usability, user centred design, eyetracking and the like. He’s worked with big clients like Marriott, eBay, Nokia, BBC, theTrainline and Microsoft. He also like tea.