Natural 3D, sex, lies and video games


BathCamp #20

2nd February 2011, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

It’s going to be a stormer. Two excellent speakers will grace the hallowed spaces of the Innovation Centre for this Bathcamp. The rough theme is animated stuff, but with two very different angles.

If you want to RSVP then do it on the Lanyrd page for this event, or just turn up

Peter Hall: 3D models of natural phenomena

Peter Hall is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, University of Bath. He works on the application of computer vision to computer graphics. Other people interested in this area get involved in things like putting dinosaurs into real-world film. This often means working out the 3D nature of the scene in front of the camera, so that the dinosaur does not walk through buildings.

He will talk about capturing editable 3D models of natural phenomena like trees and water and clouds and fire. He’ll say why its very hard to capture natural phenomena in the general case, and then show two specific cases. One case is mature work on trees, the other is on-going work on water.

Dan Efergan: Sex, Lies, and Video Games

A look at Aardman Animations‘ experiences in the casual game world. General ramblings likely to cover the creative and technical processes put in place to ensure maximum joy, and the blend of cunning and luck used to distribute them across the web.

Dan Efergan is Creative Director of Digital at Aardman Animations. This means he gets to spend lots of time doing fun things like making games, community based fan sites, and large scale multi-platform productions.

Previously he kept himself entertained as MD of Subsub Skills and Production, technical and creative lead on Light Up Bristol, a part time lecturer and founding and running the Submerge New Media Festival, which gave him a warm and fuzzy feeling by bringing together creative people and seeing what happened.