Quiz of the Year!


BathCamp #8

16th December 2009, 8:00 PM

The Assembly Inn

That was 2009. This will (shortly) be 2010..

After a brief relaxation moment following September’s barcamp, we’re back on the case with BathCamp evenings…

During 2009, we heard about mobile, open science, linked data, web designers and AIR (amongst many other things…). We all learnt a lot, right….?

Bathcamp #8 is your chance to prove it – a review-of-the-year-quiz-type-thing where we’ll take everyone’s Bathcamp presentations from 2009 and munge them together to create a quiz worthy of kings.

…there will be geeks!
…there will be prizes! *
…there will be laughs!
…there will be pints!

While we’re at it we’ll also have a quick braindump on what everyone wants to hear / talk about during 2010.

* £1 entry. First prize is therefore cunningly linked to the number of people who come along. In other words, come along.