The 2010 zeitgeist


BathCamp #19

5th January 2011, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

So that was 2010…

For our first Bathcamp of 2011, Chris Book and I will be curating an interactive (and likely slightly post-festive hungover) session looking at the year that was 2010, and the year that will be 2011.

We’ll be asking…

> What technologies and tech approaches made the year big?

> Was it all about the iPad, Chatroulette or Twitter?

> Were things changed forever by Kinect? Kindle? Wikileaks?

> Did Zuck deserve Time person of the year?

We need you to help us!

Tell us the things you loved, the things you hated, and have a stab at the technologies you think are coming up in 2011 that’ll change our lives for the better or worse. Tell us via Twitter to @bathcamp or as comments in this post.

Attending? Tell us on Lanyrd or just turn up