The Business of Web Design


BathCamp #45

2nd July 2014, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

“Making a living making websites” – Cole Henley

Most of us working on the web got into this for fun. But it can be really hard to make money doing something you enjoy. In this short talk I want to go over some of my experiences as an employee, freelancer and technical director in our industry and the lessons I’ve learned from turning my hobby into a career.


Cole is a tall, bearded code minstrel, technical director at Bath-based digital agency Mud and lecturer in Web Design at the University of Greenwich. He has been paid to make websites for 48 (cat) years.

“A whistle-stop tour of some of the mistakes I’ve made running my web business” – Joel Hughes

Joel has been making and selling websites for yonks (ie IE3). In that time he’s been growing his business and, along the way, has made some clanger mistakes – in his talk he’ll talk about some of the classics.


Joel studied computing in Plymouth and worked for American Express and British Airways. He cut his teeth on IBM mainframes and then spent the next 15 years flossing them with web development work. He once burnt a barn down.

“Thoughts on freelancing” – Ben Lumley

Creating websites is perhaps the ideal place to be a freelancer – but there’s many ways to do it. Ben’s going to tell you a bit about why he’s freelancing, how he approaches it, and share some some things that work for him, as well as some that don’t.


Ben has been a web developer since the late 90s, including first freelance alongside studying, before a stint working for agencies. He switched to being a full time freelancer just over two years ago and hasn’t looked back.