The Mobile Web


BathCamp #14

8th July 2010, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

Curated by Sam Machin

The mobile and web industries started off worlds apart. However, in the last couple of years they’ve collided head on, with new entrants to the mobile space such as Google and Apple who have shaken things up with their new models and shift in user experience.

Join us to hear what the mobile industry is like now the web has joined the party and we ask what it means for the old guard.

Mark Watts-Jones is Head of Community, Data Communications and Services at Everything Everywhere. Before that he had the same job and desk at Orange, and he’ll be speaking about the role of operators in the new mobile ecosystem. He’s enough of an early adopter to have a 3 letter username on Twitter: @mwj

Richard Wilson and Will Luton Are part of MobilePie – Bristol based mobile developers with a number of successful iPhone titles under their belt. They’ll be sharing some of their experiences of working in the Apple playground. Follow the team on twitter @mobilepie

Kieran Gutteridge is the CTO of Bath based firm Intohand, he’s got far too many scars from years of mobile java development behind him but now he’s getting over it and going to give us a brief tour of Android, Googles idea of what our mobile future should be. @kgutteridge