Things we made: the return…


BathCamp #33

1st August 2012, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

A while back we had an Arduino / micro-controller BathCamp session featuring John Honniball and Matt Venn called Things we made.

A load of people approached me following that night and asked whether we could do more on hardware stuff, so I thought it’d be interesting to get these two back again for our August BathCamp…

Arduino and the internet of things: Matt Venn

An introduction the Arduino development platform and how people use it as an internet connected thing.

Matt is an engineering artist working in the field of sustainable technology. He delivers science workshops and is into music and martial arts.,

Other Microcontrollers Are Available: John Honniball

The Arduino has introduced many people to the joys and the woes of microcontroller programming. The new Raspberry Pi promises to do something similar, but with a much more powerful machine. This talk explores the other options that are available, both larger than the Arduino and smaller. Each microcontroller brings its own combination of features, usability, performance and price.

John is a software engineer who has worked on parallel computers, sonar systems and time-lapse cameras.


If you’ve got a Raspberry Pi and have had a chance to play with it, bring it along and show us what it can do…

You know the drill – either RSVP or just turn up!