Things we made


BathCamp #25

7th September 2011, 8:00 PM

Innovation Centre

This months’ BathCamp is titled “Things We Made” and it’s all about plugging stuff in, hacking it about and creating cool shit…

Doing more with the Arduino: John Honniball

The Arduino is a small, inexpensive microcontroller board with an active community of developers. Everybody starts off by making it flash an LED on and off, but what can it really do? This talk shows some of the more advanced capabilities of the Arduino, such as driving stepper motors, synthesising music and interfacing with cameras.

John is a software engineer who has worked on parallel computers, sonar systems and time-lapse cameras.

Floppy drawbot, an introduction to building drawing robots: Matt Venn

The floppy drawbot was developed as part of a workshops for artists wanting to learn more about using electronics. This talk will cover recycling electronics, basic circuit bending and interfacing with an Arduino. Instructions for building your own floppy drawbot will be available on the night.

Matt is an engineering artist working in the field of sustainable technology. He delivers science workshops and is into music and martial arts.,


Depending on time, we may also rope in the excellent Elliott Kember and Dave Kelly (and possibly a couple more – shout if you want in!) – to give us a quick 5 minute lowdown on anything they’ve coded or hacked together recently.

You can RSVP on Lanyrd or just turn up