Five questions for… Chris Hall

What do you do in your day job?

I work for the Institute of Physics Publishing in Bristol, my official job title is “Information Systems Developer”. I just am just reminded that I have worked here for seven years (shocked). Originally I was hired as a ColdFusion developer but have ranged across a variety of different technologies. Currently I am almost exclusively working in Java and towards the back-end of web applications, which I enjoy.

What do you outside of work, in your 10% time, or when you boss isn’t looking?

I am not sure I actually get as much as 10% thanks to my three sons. However they need me less and less these days so the situation is improving, mostly is has got to the stage where they want to overpower me physically or mentally (which will happen sometime soon). Much of my free time is taken up with learning Chinese and other language learning related activities at the moment. I have been looking around for a European language to learn and settled on German so that is likely to keep me busy also.

Some of my 10% time at work is spent secretly doing things that I think are work related but that my bosses may not. I guess many of us are in that position, there is always some new technology or approach to investigate, I never feel I have time do enough investigating.

What are you passionate about?

Recently that would have be learning. I work in an industry that requires continual learning and my hobbies usually involve some kind of learning. It seems that modern technology and the Internet are providing opportunities to learn things faster and with less overhead (effort still required though). I am still exploring new ways to learn and becoming increasing despondent about how little these changes are reflected in the way that my sons are educated. When I can I have started trying to repair some of the damage.

Why are you attending Bathcamp?

Mainly because it sounds fun and interesting, I haven’t attended this kind of event before. Of course it helps that is it is very local and that I actually know at least one person who is going. I spend a lot of time on the back-end of web applications these days and it seems some of the more creative types (dangerous to pigeonhole I know) have more fun. I guess I need to get out more. It would be a real bonus if there are any native Chinese speakers or learners there of course.

What would you fill a bath with, and why?

Dorset Naga chile peppers (the hottest you can get); completely pointless as there would be enough heat and flavour there to last many lifetimes, but it would be rather beautiful. This is typical chile-head mentality which goes something along the lines of “Wow I grew three plants of that really hot chile this year and had more more than I could possibly use, next year I will grow ten.” I am prone to chile-head mentality unfortunately.

About Chris

Chris blogs at Chris on the Web and Friedelcraft and Tweets at chris_english and chris_mandarin.