Five questions for… Jenny Brown

1. What do you do in your day job?

I help people figure out what web 2.0 is all about and how it (especially the social aspect) affects them. Once it’s figured out I help them implement web tools and marketing approaches to help them either be more productive in the work place, or help them engage with their audience in this shiny new world of social media.

I do this sort of stuff mainly for Government, Museums and Galleries, and other non-profit style organisations.

When I’m not doing that, I make WordPress websites for people (I’m a designer by trade). I make websites (mainly – but not exclusively – blogs) that have engagement and conversation at their core. And I do this sort of stuff for campaigners and charities and the like.

2. What do you do outside of work, in your 10% time, or when your boss isn’t looking?

I find it very difficult to step away from the internets so when I’m not talking about social media to clients I’m often partaking in it via Twitter, Plurk, Flickr,, Facebook

When I do actually close Firefox, I’m quite partial to producing the odd (musical) mash-up and I sometimes pen my own loops-based tunes too.

And I like seeing live music, exhibitions, going to bars that have rope slides and going ‘ahhh, eeeh’ at Airshows.

3. Why are you attending BathCamp?

I’ve been to a few barcamps (and barcamp style events) and they are always inspiring, creative and lots of fun.

I’ve got a background in museums and galleries and I know there will be some other museum geeks around to learn from and share ideas with. I’m especially looking forward to that.

And it’s in Bath and that is a lovely lovely city.

4. What are you passionate about?

I get annoyed when things are badly designed and don’t need to be. That applies to anything – web interfaces, kitchen equipment, road signs, architecture…

Which means I get a little too excited when things are designed well (especially architectural spaces). Computer interfaces should be designed so well they are invisible, architectural spaces should be designed so well you notice them.

5. What would you fill a bath with, and why?

Puppies! Oh my goodness, imagine that!

About Jenny

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