Five questions for… Keir Whitaker

1. What do you do in your day job?

I work at Carsonified in Bath. We do a number of events focussing on the web industry including “The Future of Web Apps”, “The Future of Web Design” and “Fuel” which looks at how you can take advantage of web technologies to help run your business more effectively. Now and again I get back to the code. Most recently I helped produce “The Mattinator”, a web app created by Carsonified using the Django web framework in four days. The app allows you to post to multiple twitter accounts from one interface. I have also run a couple of my own workshops on PHP5 at our offices in Bath which I really enjoyed. Prior to joining Carsonified I worked as a freelance web developer focussing mainly on .Net and PHP projects.

2. What do you do outside of work, in your 10% time, or when your boss isn’t looking?

Like many other people on this blog I have a young child who takes up the majority of my free time. Now and again I still manage to crowbar in some personal projects and have a couple of ideas I am working on. Having only moved to Bath this year I am also really enjoying discovering the South West. We also seem to get a lot of visitors desperate to escape London, our previous home, for a weekend.

3. Why are you attending BathCamp?

I have never been to a BarCamp style event and it’s great that it’s right on my doorstep. It will also be good to learn more about what’s going on in the vibrant local geek scene, a good opportunity to put Twitter names to faces, meet people interested in similar stuff and to learn something new.

4. What are you passionate about?

My daughter, watching her grow and develop over the last year has been amazing and challenging. I also love learning and I still get a kick out of discovering something new, whether it be a new web framework such as Django or reading about Modernist architecture, great graphic design or discovering a new Belgian beer!

5. What would you fill a bath with, and why?

My abstract answer would be time, there’s just never enough. On a more “practical” level I would throw in a bunch of friends, the family, a crate or two of cold Peronis, a selection of pizzas, a tub of Italian ice cream, a great view to gaze at and a miraculous hangover cure for the following day.