Five Questions For… Simon Plenderleith

What do you do in your day job?

I’m a freelance web developer, running my own wee company, NSTW Design (yes, terribly out of date!). I mangle PHP, JavaScript and some other front end nonsense into things that help power businesses and egos (mine included). In folk song stylee, I tell some of the perilous tales of my glamorous developer adventures over at Seventytwo, where I team up with a designer deviant named Alistair to help keep our respective minds sane. It might just be working so far.

What do you outside of work, in your 10% time, or when you boss isn’t looking?

As I don’t have a boss and I also have some very pro-active clients, I’m able to spend quite a lot of my time researching new tools and services that I can use. I consider this rather bloody good luck, as it allows me to pitch some mental ideas that are sometimes mad enough to get implemented. I’m finding that I’m spending more and more of my time coding and writing about web stuff when I’m not working, so it really kind of all blurs into one. I’m personally riding on a second wind of passion for the web and often feel compelled to exclaim, “Darn, this Internet rubbish ain’t ‘alf bad now!” (When Twitter works for example, oof…)

What are you passionate about?

I live for music and it’s rare that you’ll ever find me without some tunes at hand. Prog rock is my poison of choice, as well as some nice lo-fi art rock-esque happenings. In the past couple of years I’ve reignited my early teens passion for cycling, so I try and get out for a nice ride at least once a week to make sure my muscles don’t atrophy from so much time in front of the computer.

I’m currently planning an epic 3 month bunk-off at the start of next year to go snowboarding in Whistler, Canada. Apart from imbibing heroic quantities of the local culture, I plan to work on some super secret web apps whilst I’m there. They’re so super secret that even the government doesn’t know about them, but that’s probably a good thing.

Also, jQuery and Zend Framework are so freakin’ good it hurts.

Why are you attending BathCamp?

I predict that the collective brainpower at BathCamp will be mind blowing, so I definitely want to witness that. I haven’t been to many geek events lately and all the ones I’ve attended in the past (dConstruct, Future of Web Apps) have been a great experience and I’ve met some really cool people. I like the idea of a more DIY, “people powered” event where everyone can get involved. I also prefer sleeping bags to duvet covers, so it’s really going to be a win-win event for me.

What would you fill a bath with, and why?

Ritz Crackers. They’re just so damn moreish, and with all that salt you might be able to pull off your very own Dead Sea. Tasty AND practical! For too long Ritz Crackers have been underrated by the cracker community and I think such a foolish stunt might convince people of what they’re missing out on. Perhaps.

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