Nearly there…

It’s all been apparently quiet on the BathCamp scene, but under the hood lots has been going on.

The main thing has been to try and nail a date and venue, without which absolutely nothing else can happen. I’m almost nearly confident (how’s that for bet-hedging) that we’ll be able to announce both a venue and date within the next few days – so, as they say, watch this space for an announcement.

The second thing I’d like to mention is that Tim Beadle has now agreed to help us get this thing off the ground. Laura Francis – who was key in organising last years’ Bristol Barcamp and had been helping me with BathCamp to date has started a course which means she’ll be pretty busy over the summer. She’s still going to be involved (and in our two meetings to date has already proved invaluable..) but taking a bit more of a back seat.

So that’s it for now, and hopefully some news fairly shortly!