Putting on a happy face

The BarCamp idea is a great one: turn the normal conference format on its head by inviting (nay, pretty much requiring) contributions from everyone who attends the event.

Now, to those people (not unlike yours truly) who love the sound of their own voice, this is like being invited into a sweet shop with unlimited small change to spend. To other more retiring souls, I imagine the concept is a little more daunting.

A BarCamp contribution doesn’t need to be a formal presentation, and doesn’t need slides (though you’re welcome to use them if it makes sense). The picture accompanying this post is of a guy called Adam Armfield. Adam came to BarCamp Bristol last year and did a talk on growing vegetables; not your everyday geek topic but it went down well, not least because Adam brought seeds along to give out to people and spoke about a subject he knew well, but was still learning.

Over the next few days we’ll be posting short interviews with some of the people who’ve already signed up for BathCamp, to raise the event from a slightly abstract concept to something involving real people with interesting things to contribute. If you haven’t subscribed to the RSS feed, doing so will enable you to be informed when new stuff gets published here on the BathCamp blog.