There is no agenda…

Phil Wilson asked a pertinent question about the original (and now) focus for BathCamp. I responded to his comment but thought I’d repeat here.

The original idea for BathCamp came out of a drunken conversation at a conference where a bunch of museum types – me (ex-museum!), Frankie and Mia – expressed an interest in getting some people together.

Since then, I’ve met Laura and Tim and been talking to the wider geektech community in Bath and Bristol. The idea has therefore changed from our original one. You’ll probably see some cultural heritage presentations out of us lot (although I’m considering doing an entirely non-museum session on Ableton Live…) but that’s only because it’s what we do, rather than because it’s what the “focus” of the event is.

In short, it’s a Bar Camp – no agenda, no focus, just a bunch of interested and interesting people getting together.