Tickets and sponsors: BathCamp 2009

Wow, it’s hard working keeping on top of all the various bits and pieces when you’re organising an event like this…and it seems to be this blog which is currently suffering the most from #NotBeingUpdatedItus. We will be better at it in the future…

So. A quickie while I get my todo lists sorted. If you haven’t noticed already, BathCamp 2009 (the barcamp) is happening on the weekend of 26th/27th September, and tickets are now available. These are swinging out the door pretty rapidly so get yours while you can.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful sponsors for coming on board. These guys are absolute stars, and will be providing (among other things) the marquee roof over our heads, the coffees and teas, the band, the bbq. We’ll be doing some more in-depth profiles in a little while but for now, here’s who to thank/buy beers for:

  • Gradwell, a leading provider of Internet Telephony & Internet Services to UK Small Business.
    Peter Gradwell was hugely generous in supporting BathCamp 2008 and is coming on board again this year. Gradwell are based in the centre of Bath and currently recruiting if you’re looking for work
  • Eduserv are the company I work for, a not for profit IT company. We work with HE and researchers throughout the UK and employ just over 100 people, again based here in Bath
  • Microsoft needs no further introduction – they helped out last year with those enormous beanbags 🙂 and this year will be putting a tab behind the bar at the Bell. Woohoo!
  • Carsonified have been supporters of BathCamp since the start – both the 2008 barcamp and the regular evening events we’ve been running since then
  • DCKTN promote knowledge transfer and collaboration between people who use digital communications, and have helped fund events like the excellent OpenMic

So – big hands for these people. If you’d like to get involved by sponsoring BathCamp 2009 it is never too late – just drop me an email — mike dot ellis [at] geemail dot com or comment on this post.