What do you want to talk about?

We’re heading stupidly fast towards the end of 2010. The winter is closing in, the leaves are falling off the trees. I’m getting balder. That kind of thing.

But. This also means we’ve got a whole new year incoming, and what better way to cheer up the dark days than knowing a friendly Bathcamp is never more than a month around the corner?

We’ve already started brainstorming what we’d like to hear about in 2011. Topics thrown around so far include:

  • AI
  • Arduino
  • Cloud computing
  • Day trip to Science Museum Wroughton
  • Animation
  • Writing for the web
  • Next generation web technologies
  • Web apps Dragon’s Den
  • Coding face-off

There’s a whole bunch more, but I’ve [cough] temporarily mislaid my notebook. Damn that paper-based media lark

Anyway. If you are an expert or an enthusiast or a curator type or just have an opinion, punt your stuff into the comments below. This is – sorry, cheesy I know – your Bathcamp.