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  • 20th Aug 2008

    All gone…

    You probably noticed already, what with mailings, tweetings, that thing normal people call “talking to […]

  • 21st Jun 2008

    83 days to go

    It’s Saturday, and apparently (according to the Eventbrite booking page), 83 days until BathCamp 2008. […]

  • 17th May 2008

    There is no agenda…

    Phil Wilson asked a pertinent question about the original (and now) focus for BathCamp. I […]

  • 16th May 2008

    Date and venue announced!

    Tim B and I have been along to the venue and have now booked it. […]

  • 15th May 2008

    Nearly there…

    It’s all been apparently quiet on the BathCamp scene, but under the hood lots has […]